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English is A Fun Challenge!

How far do we know English?
How high your interest in English?
and Do you Practice English in your Daily Life?
Learning English means we should comprehend all skills ; Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Each of all skills is absolutely not as essay as flipping over our hand 😁😁😁......
and in our beloved school, SMAN 1 Kendal we try to accomplish all of English skills by making a project. It's a complete project where we have to exert all of our efforts in Listening, speaking, reading and writing. Yess, we make a FILM...

The first step is we decide a theme and the genre of our project. we should choose whether we will make a romantic drama, action, fantasy, science, comedy or even a horror film...! then, we compose all the scenes we need for a film project. The scenario is done! And this is the time to consult our work to our english teacher, then she will give suggestions on our ideas, correct our grammar and even our typing...
This project will be done for about three months. Aaaand..... these are some of our projects....
Please enjoy them and it will be pleasant for good critics and suggestions.... Thank you anyway...

This is one of our work. The film entitled "The Mask", told about twin sisters. One of them has an extraordinary sight, which is able to see an astral creature. The unseen creature is their classmate who was died of suicide after bullied by the other twin, Angela. She wanted a revenge to Angela, by frightening her everywhere..... how is the end? please watch the film and enjoy it!

(tunggu yaaa....filmnya msh proses upload)
Manville nd The Magic Crown. This is a story about two kingdoms which are overpowered by an evil witch and the white heart ones. Full of intrigues, revenges side by side with sincere hearts, ended with a touching scene, we will feel the meaning of a true friendship.

Tunggu yaaa......filmnya masih proses uploading

The Doll. This film told us about an old lonely woman, who seek a friend to talk to, but no one cared of her. She just had a doll, which speak nothing except she was willing to find it a human tongue for it! And She began to kidnapped everyone, cut his or her tongue for the doll..... so scary. how was the ending of the film..... watch it!

sabar yaaa

HAND'S SPREAD. This film teach us how to respect others, especially our close fiends. Everything we did, it depends on how we make a cooperation with others, and..... parent's approval. Bad things may appear if we do everything in a hurry, so does if we make a final decision. Enjoy the film...!

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